The wise choice.

Professional film wedding photography by Simon Edward Smith.

Making Sure they are PROFESSIONAL ....

Anyone can take a picture anyone can be a photographer.

Not every one can produce a professional photograph.

Please read this page if you intend to employ a professional.

Below is some of my tips all prospective clients should put into practice before commissioning a wedding photographer.

I will provide confirmation of my professional qualifications and the professional services, products and equipment I offer and use to any one that asks? So should any professional photographer?

1/ A professionals equipment will be marked professional ie/ cameras , film etc .

2/ Using phrases , such as " High Class / Quality " " Exhibition Standard " does not mean Professional ?

3/ Professional Qualifications , can be confirmed by certificates or contacting the organisation ?

4/ Professional images will be printed on professional paper or material , how ever amateur images can also be printed on professional materials . Only images recorded on professional equipment by a qualified professional on professional film / memory & produced in a professional Lab , with pro machines and chemicals  by professionals , is PROFESSIONAL ?

5/ SNAP SHOOTERS > These are known in the industry as enthusiasts , who earn PIN money from there hobby , they are not professionals ? Make sure your photographer , is not a Snap Shooter ?

6/ Ask to see qualifications , equipment makes / models etc , if you are ever unsure ?

7/ Photographers can join professional organisations and use certain phrases or letters after there names , straight away . This does not mean they are professional , only photographers who have under gone certain exams that are in place , and shown a understanding of there Art , are professional ?

8/ Any professional photographer , will be willing to give advice to potential clients , and will not under any circumstances try to mislead you or commit you to using there services .

9/ All professionals will have adequate insurance , but make sure they are covered for your type of commission ?

10/ The line between amateur and professional is fine , but the gap is MASSIVE ! If a photographer does not use the the term professional , and a mishap occurs , there is no way forward for the client ? So it is simple , use a professional always ? A professional must produce work to a certain standard " Professional Standard "  I 'am proud that my professional photography is of a very high standard , of the exceptable professional standard !

11/ All professionals use Light Meters , even thou modern cameras have them built in ! Light Meters give the best / accurate of light readings , above any other metering method / Ask the photographer if they have one ?

12/ Photographers who use consumer outlets for there printing and services are not professional .

13/ Conventional photographs produced in the dark room from film are the ultimate ! Digital Files produce only prints { not photographs }

I hope the above information is helpful and remember if you are unsure of a photographers capabilities and competence , " Don't Commission them " There is nothing more Heart sinking , than your photographer , arriving with a camera that , one of your Guests have ?

Use a professional always , don't become the victim , of a enthusiast ! Photographers can not buy experience . Generally you get what you pay for . A experienced photographer will charge more , for there services .