The wise choice.

Professional film wedding photography by Simon Edward Smith.

                     Professional fuji film reproductions and costs.

All reproductions are produced from professional film in one of the United Kingdoms leading professional film photographic labs which has been in business for 75 years.

Traditional photographs from film are printed on superior professional materials than digital files. Film images can be reproduced to very large sizes with little loss of quality ' something that can not be said for digital images has there is no material file ' 

All costs are GBP

Black + White Hand Prints / Wet Prints the ultimate reproduction from film.

This reproduction can not be produced from a digital file.

12x 8  49.00

15x10  69.00

18x12  89.00

20x16  109.00

Larger prints available on request.


Colour and B+W Professional Machine Printed Photographs from film Negs on pro paper.

This reproduction from a digital file is printed on a inferior grade of paper and digital photographers

can only produce grey scale images not true black & white images from there files.

6x4  14.00

7x5  15.00

9x6  18.00

12x8  23.00

15x10  35.50

24x16  74.50

30x20  98.50

Larger prints available on request.


Canvas Mounted Prints ready to hang and printed on real canvas with only pro fuji inks.

12x10  147.14

16x12  167.15

20x16  204.99

30x20  283.99

40x30  367.10

Larger canvas prints available on request.


Selected professionally scanned images to pro-disk ' electronic files '

50 images to cd   490.00

70 images to cd  535.00


Additional Services.

Vignetting, hand tinting, sealing, dodging, shading

Display and Exhibition Packages

Retouching and Restoration

Prints from Prints

Copy Negs

Duplication and repro services

electronic files to 500mb from originals

For orders by post use the order form given to you at the time of booking. Orders online ring for details and how to make payment.

Postage cost for print orders is 12.95 Postage cost per canvas with insurance is 29.95

Please allow 5-10 working days for orders to arrive by post. All orders are sent recorded delivery.