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Film photography & digital imaging. Wedding photography by Simon Edward Smith.

Biography of one of the United Kingdoms most respected freelance lifestyle photographers.

Simon Edward Smith

Present & future customers will be pleased to know that Simon is of impeccable character.

His last CRB check by the Disclosure & Barring Service was recently carried out on, 04 January 2018

Simon Edward Smith was born in the early sixties in the East Midlands area of the United Kingdom. He was raised on a middle class council housing estate in Loughborough Leicestershire. He was the only boy of three children to his mother Peggy and Father Len.

Simon's interest in photography began in the late seventies while at school. If you were to ask Simon what made him choose photography as a subject he would say " It was the girls and the Darkroom " and nothing to do with photography. He left school in 1980 and followed his fathers wishes and enrolled in HMF The Parachute Regiment. Simon was a young promising footballer who played at Senior level at the age of 13.


" Ready for anything " 

A specialized ingredient with all my photographic commissions.

Simon served several years in the army and achieved Rank as well as Captaining the regiments soccer side. His career came to it's end when he suffered a serious spinal injury which led to him being discharged. He found himself in civilian life with little prospects. He decided to try and regain his fitness and pursue is football dream. Simon's injury was that serious that it resulted in him being awarded a War Veterans Pension.  He went on to play football at a high amateur and semi professional level. He finally hung up his boots at the age of 35 due to tired legs and repetitive Lumbar problems. During his first 18 years of adult life he continued to take photographs with a Boots 110 instamatic film camera.


How it began

In 1998 at a time of personal troubles upset and health problems Simon's real love affair with photography began and resulted in him purchasing his first SLR camera, a Canon Eos 500 N. Several months later he rented his first Studio and went on to secure his first real commission soon after.


Simon strongly believes that qualifications in photography are just another string to his bow. He would also say that they do not make you a better photographer for having them. However he now realises after two decades has a professional they are a must have if you are going to pursue a professional photographic career. Over the years Simon as earned several City n Guilds and achieved the highest of qualifications which is Professional Craftsman Photographer.

Sharing Knowledge

Simon as no issues when it comes to sharing his photographic knowledge and business experience with other photographers. This is most evident with the past launching of his Photography School, Photographic Forum and Photographic Stock Image Libraries.

Simon is with out doubt one of the United Kingdoms most respected photographers and leading professional wedding photographers. However he is under no illusions that what he as accomplished to date can be demolished in the blink of the eye. Simon believes that his journey in the world of photography as only just begun.

Most recently in 2016, Simon founded the 'Photo Art Society' with currently 14,000 plus global members.

PAS is a the peoples society, for those who love photography.

Simon's Armoury

A selection of his beloved professional cameras. The most treasured tool of his trade is the camera support ' his left hand ' which allows him to hand hold his camera and shoot at 1/60 of a second on film. Regarded as a true sign of a professional photographer.


If you were to ask Simon to describe is love of photography in a few sentences he would reply " Dedication is the route to success " " Aperture is a beautiful thing it allows us to see the world we live in " " Seeing through a photographers eyes is a totally different experience "

Simon would like to thank his partner for her support and love . He would also like to thank his fellow photographers from around the world for there kind words and positive outlook in this ever more demanding and continually changing industry.

Finally Simon would like to thank past and present client's for there valued business and photographic expectations which is Simon's motivation ........

" Use a professional always don't risk it "

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21 September 2006

Simon dedicates this e-book / site to His second Grand Daughter Ruby.

born 8 Jan 2007