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Making Sure they are PROFESSIONAL ....

Anyone can take a picture anyone can be a photographer.

Not every one can produce a professional photograph.

Please read this page if you intend to employ a professional.

Below is some of my tips all prospective clients should put into practice before commissioning a wedding photographer.

I will provide confirmation of my professional qualifications and the professional services, products and equipment I offer and use to any one that asks? So should any professional photographer?

1/ A professionals equipment will be marked professional ie/ cameras , film etc .

2/ Using phrases, such as "High Class / Quality" "Exhibition Standard" does not mean Professional?

3/ Professional Qualifications, can be confirmed by certificates or contacting the organisation?

4/ Professional images will be printed on professional paper or material, how ever amateur images can also be printed on professional materials. Only images recorded on professional cameras by a qualified professional on professional film / memory & produced in a professional Lab, with pro machines and chemicals  by professionals, is PROFESSIONAL?

5/ SNAP SHOOTERS > These are known in the industry as enthusiasts, who earn PIN money from there hobby, they are not professionals? Make sure your photographer, is not a Snap Shooter? Snap shooters offer to take hundreds of images for you, but what they don't tell you is they will diregard all the unexceptable images, before they show you the good ones. ''but you will still get your promised 400 or so poorly documented images''

6/ Ask to see qualifications, equipment makes etc if you are ever unsure?

7/ Photographers can join professional organisations and use certain phrases or letters after there names, straight away. This does not mean they are professional, only photographers who have under gone certain exams that are in place, and shown a understanding of there Art, are professional?

8/ Any professional photographer, will be willing to give advice to potential clients, and will not under any circumstances try to mislead you or commit you to using there services.

9/ All professionals will have adequate insurance, but make sure they are covered for your type of commission?

10/ The line between amateur and professional is fine, but the gap is MASSIVE! If a photographer does not use the the term professional, and a mishap occurs, there is no way forward for the client? So it is simple, use a professional always! A professional must produce work to a certain standard "Professional Standard"  I am proud that my professional photography is of a very high standard, of the exceptable professional standard required!

11/ All professionals use Light Meters, even thou modern cameras have them built in! Light Meters give the most accurate of light readings, above any other metering method / Ask the photographer if they have one?

12/ Conventional photographs produced in the dark room from film are the ultimate! Digital Files produce only prints {not photographs} My digital files are professional and documented on professional digital and film equipment.

I hope the above information is helpful and remember if you are unsure of a photographers capabilities and competence, "Don't Commission them" There is nothing more Heart sinking, than your photographer, arriving with a camera that, one of your Guests have?

Use a professional always, don't become the victim, of a enthusiast or snap shooter! Photographers can not buy experience. Generally you get what you pay for. A experienced photographer will charge more, for there services.