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My Wedding Photographic Style

100 % Professional for my clients.

I specialize in maximum subject content so the subject is obviously reconisable and not a DOT in the background lacking detail. My aim is to achieve the ultimate results which are image quality, clarity and sharpness with a un-mistakeable { 3 } three dimentional appearance. I execute all lighting situations to there full potential by documenting photographs that are not FLAT in appearance and correctly EXPOSED to the available light. I have perfected a creative flash and tungsten lighting style which is one of my obvious trademarks. I break many rules in photography one being that I shoot into the light which produces images of artistic and unique appearance when professionally executed with my exposure settings. I am always developing new image techniques to perfect and add to my imaging style..........

Above all my clients can be confident that there story will be safe in my hands. I am a qualified professional photographer and use only the very best of professional equipment and film. All my film processing and reproductions are carried out in one of the United Kingdoms elite professional photographic labs.

My wedding photography service is 100 % professional and no consumer outlets are ever used. Because I shoot on professional film all photographic reproductions are available to the highest of professional standards. All packages can be tailored to suite the individuals requirments. All my professional digital files documented on professional digital cameras, can have all professional digital reproductions, that are available in the industry.

My companys name is Perfect Images has my clients are the perfect image. Get focused on what counts, quality, peace of mind, professionalism and your Perfect Images. Give me a call to discuss your special day or any other professional photographic commission you may require.

Why Perfect Images? It's simple my main objective is firstly to document my clients images has exactly seen by the naked eye during the shoot thus resulting in the perfect memories of my clients day. Any images documented after the perfect images are purely down to my creative lighting and personal photographic style .......

Thanks Simon.....

100 % professional qualified photographer.

100 % professional film.

100% professional documented digital files.

100 % professional reproductions.

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