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Film photography & digital imaging. Weddings, Events, Industrial & Commercial

Tailored packages for Unique Days!

All wedding commission packages can be individually tailored for all potential clients. Quotes on request!
We offer three pro film and digital full coverage packages ''see below''
Our clients can have a mixture of both or just film or digital.
A two third non-refundable deposit is required with all bookings.

NOTE: If any client would like their wedding photographing just on film. the client will recieve a full set of pro photographic prints from the negatives.
Also included is a set of low-resolution images on CD, SD, CF, or USB containing your wedding files, for your personal use.
Full copyrights are available for purchase.
Clients prefering to have their wedding photographed by pro-digital capture only, will recieve pro jpeg high-res images ready to print on a electronic device, Eg USB
Also included is, 12 x 8x12 photographic prints from the pro jpeg files, of the clients choice.
Copyrights for the client to print only is included.
Full copyrights are available for purchase.
Clients prefering film and digital capture will receive a set of pro-photographic prints from the negatives and a set of high res pro-files ready to print on USB.
Also included is, 3 x 30x20 prints of the clients choice from the pro-digital files.
Copyrights for the film images to print only are available for purchase.
The high-res pro-digital images come with copyrights for the client to print only.
Full copyrights for both film & digital are available for purchase.

We can supply photo-books, traditional photo albums, framing & mounting services

*We only use professional film and digital cameras*

Email or tel 07802781669 with your enquires. UK Freephone 08000 842 644

Whatever our clients requirements, we can supply!
''Professional Photography''
Digital Capture ''full coverage'' Package £2,995
Film Photography ''full coverage'' Package £4.250
Film Photography & Digital Capture ''full coverage'' Package £5.795
Contact in the first instance, to see what our full photographic coverage includes.
Please note: you may not require any of the ''full coverage'' packages above. We tailor packages for your special day & quote accordingly.

International wedding photography, please contact for a quote!