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On Location Studio Wedding Photography

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It is essential that your wedding photographer as studio lighting with them. Not only does professional studio lighting bring out the best in photographs by showing beautiful image detail and quality but it also ensures images of magazine quality.

I personally like to photograph the cutting of the cake with studio lighting when ever possible which also gives me the opportunity to take some magazine quality studio portraits of the bride, groom, hair pieces, family groups, flowers etc.

I'am sure any one viewing these images will agree the image quality details and colours are of the ultimate.

Hair Piece 1

Bridal Musician

Hair Piece 2

Dress Design

Best of Friends

Quality on-location Studio Photography

A professional wedding photographer should be fully competent not only with natural light photography but also studio light and attached flash light to camera.

All my studio wedding photography is documented on the finest of professional portrait film.

' If your seeking a Portrait & Wedding Photographer '


After many years of practicing the art of photography has a qualified professional I feel the need to write this Blog. I put my career on the line everytime I work for a fee, this is what photographers do who are qualified professionals and the appropriate insurance and contracts should be put into place for clients assurance...especially in the world of wedding an portrait commissions.

I find it very disturbing & bewildering some who offer there services in this sector do not have any studio light experience or even have a photographic studio...and to my amazement I even know individuals who do not even offer a contact telephone number..only a email address!

Its quite simple a professional who says they are professional should be on the shortlist of possible photographers you may hire...has customers / clients will have a way forward legally if any mishaps occur..on the other hand if something goes wrong on your special day and the creator is not a professional ' there is no way forward '

I personally would not buy a vehicle without lviewing it  ' so view real life portfolios '  further more I would not take  horse riding lessons if there was no menage provided for a photographer who has no studio light experience or a based studio facility is basically offering the same has the two examples I mention in the above paragraph.

If your getting married and require professional portraits and coverage of your special day with natural light, studio light and mixed lighting works ' then don't Risk it ' Use a Qualified Professional always!

  Above are professionally documented images recorded with studio lighting on-location with professional tools & materials and presented to my clients has  professional photographs printed on professional photographic paper. If you do not see examples like this in a wedding and portrait photographers portfolio do not use them ' it will end in tears '

This Blog has been published Worldwide. I apologise if this publishment offends some but it is in my view that those seeking Wedding & Portrait specialists should be aware of the above.

Iam available for national & international commissions. Portfolio viewing is free so why not drop me a line or give me a call to make a appointment to view them!