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Ten Top Questions to ask a wedding photographer?

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Black & White film produces super Atmospheric Grainy looking images.


1/ Are the photographs we are viewing all taken by you?

2/ Will we have the choice of a full reproductions after service? ie/ prints to canvas,professional photographs,professional machine prints.......

3/ Are your charges fully inclusive?

4/ Do you belong to any professional bodies / organisations?

5/ What are your qualifications?

6/ Would it be possible to speak to any of your past clients?

7/ How will our work be presented? ie/ preview album, original prints, contact sheet ......

8/ Will we own the copyrights to our wedding? If not can we purchase them?

9/ Will it be you who will photograph our day?

10/ Can we alter the details in our contract? If so would there be a additional charge?

There will be many important questions you will have for your photographer. Make sure they are a competent professional who can give you the quality and style that you require and expect.