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I am not going to try and convince any potential customer in to using my wedding services or go on about past happy clients remarks about my services, but I would like to point out a few facts so please read on.

Photography has been in my life for a total of 45 years. For the last 20 years I have been offering my services has a qualified photographer a qualification that I worked hard for and which I 'am very proud of, but I do not believe qualifications make you a good photographer.

When I first started out in 1998 it was my intension to bring to the public place a photographic company that shot only pro-film and offered only professional photographic services so Perfect Images UK was born. I started of in the wedding photography market and it was not long before my photography was being noticed and the customers began to commission me.

I shoot film because it produces the ultimate in image quality and photographic reproductions has the material image ' film negative or positive ' is pure quality so any reproduction from the material image is simply superb. Film images can be produced to very large sizes with little loss of quality. Shooting film has continued to keep Perfect Images at the very top when it comes to photography in most markets in the uk.

However we have excepted the digital age and produce only the very best of professional electronic files for those customers who require this format ' mostly web based internet business sites ' We can produce files to 500mb from film by simply scanning our film on monitored professional machines at the time of processing. I also offer professional digital capture with pro digital cameras, for those clients who prefer digital imaging. If you wish you can have a mixture of pro film and digitally captured images.

Film images are printed on superior photographic materials especially when it comes to photographic papers. Digital images are printed on a lower grade / spec of paper simply because of the way and nature digital images are captured has there is no ' material image ' Most top professionals still choose to shoot film because it is sharper, 3 dimentional, with colours that are true and real and overall very superior to digital imaging.

I would like to make it very clear to all readers that I only produce and use professional services and no consumer outlets are ever used. All my Photographs are printed from pro-film or pro files in a pro-lab on to pro-photographic papers. The traditional wet / hand printed photograph can only be produced from film in the darkroom which is the very ultimate of photographic reproductions.

I always recommend that customers should view any photographers real life portfolios has images on the internet can vary from monitor to monitor. All competent photographers will have portfolios displaying digital images / film photographs from the markets they work in with various sizes displayed from 6x4 inches up to 40x30 inches and larger. From my experience most wedding clients like to have a favourite photograph from their day, enlarged and framed so it is important that you see quality enlargements in a photographers folio?

Lastly I would like to thank you for visiting my site and please pay a visit to Perfect Images UK and our Webring to see other photographic markets we specialize in and further services I offer.

I hope you find the wedding photographer your looking for to capture your story from your special day.

Regards Simon.

ps/ It costs nothing to view my folios so why not book a appointment to do so. My folios are extensive and I believe viewing them is a must.

You may feel that what I have displayed on this site and other sites is enough for you to commission my services. If this is the case please contact me to book your special day in my agenda and make a appointment for you to view my folios at a later date.



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